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At Gosindo, we pride ourselves on delivering the finest natural stones sourced from the diverse and rich landscapes of Indonesia. From the pristine coasts of Ambon and Flores to the rugged terrains of Sumatra and beyond, our collection showcases the unique beauty and superior quality of Indonesian stone.


Based on advanced productions equipments, latest technologies tight quality control, a chain of production and sales service has been formed. Our main items are various Mosaic tiles, Pebble tiles, Mini Pebble tiles, Loose Pebble and Gravel, Motive pebble mosaic, sliced pebble mosaic, Java Slates , and building material.

PT. Golden Stone Indonesia
Our products have features of special style and excellent quality which are applied to different aesthetic views and terrain conditions in different countries. Those products have been exported to France, Germany, Italy, Australia, USA, Turkey, Egypt, Japan, China and some other countries.