PT. Golden Stone Indonesia

PT. Golden Stone IndonesiaCONCESSION

Ocean pebbles are handpicked from the islands in Indonesia, it comes from natural, beaches from Indonesian archipelago. The colors of these pebbles are entirely natural and have gained the perfect feat, elliptical form they have over centuries, thank you God always.

We have selected and collecting many pebbles, gravels and ocean stones from many different peaces all over Indonesia islands with our own concessions. As our promises, we always give the best to our customer need. The pebble and stones will have to go through many process, such as: sizing, selection process, cleaning, screening and packing

Those materials are processed with advanced productions equipments, latest technologies and a very tight quality control (we don't tolerate defect products), a chain of production and sales service has been formed in which the best services are provided for our costumers..

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