Mosaic Tiles

We produce many varian Mosaic Tile from selection of hand cut loose natural stone. They are perfect to covering wall and floor. Whether you're tiling an entire bathroom, or creating a captivating kitchen splashback, mosaics are very versatile and are incredibly easy cut to size. Find great selection Mosaic Tile for your project at Golden Stone Indonesia.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles Black



: 300 X 300 mm


: 80 mm

Pack per box

: 11 sheets

Fcl 1 x 20'

: 1260 boxes

Weight per box

: 20 kg

Back mesh

: Fiber netting


Some colored grouts cause staining on stone surface. We recommend that when using colored grouts, a loose sample should first to be tested to ensure that the tile does not absorb pigment into its surface.

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